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Virtual Care

Why teledentistry?

Lavender Dental is excited to now offer teledentistry, virtual care where you need it and when you need it.


It’s the modern-day “house call” -- instead of ringing the doorbell, your doctor is pinging your smartphone.


With technology and telecommunication changing rapidly within the healthcare system, the dental sector quickly realized the place teledentistry could have as an effective tool for communication improvement between dentists and patients.


When the time arises, make a virtual care appointment to consult with one of our dentists…it could be for an emergency, follow-up care, or simply to have a first “meeting” before a visit to one of our offices.

Connect with a dentist by mobile app, phone or web

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Virtual Dental Care Where You Need It!

A Virtual Consultation at Your Convenience For Just $49* 

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* $49 consultation fee will be applied to any in-office visit out-of-pocket costs and/or future treatment plans.

Care When You Need It

Standard & Emergency Dental Help

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